The Trail of Breadcrumbs
Terry Marotta


People who like to read often like to write as well. Terry Marotta, a weekly lifestyle newspaper columnist, is someone who keeps a daily journal and, since I do the same thing (the older version of a daily blog), I found her latest book, Still Following the Trail of Breadcrumbs to Journal Your Way Back Home ($29.95, Ravenscroft Press, Winchester, MA, softcover with two CDs) an excellent guide to the value of writing a journal. She does this by example, sharing her journal with the reader. It is a great way to look at life around you and to sort out what is occurring within you at the same time. This book is inspirational. And for anyone staring at a blank page or screen, the truth is you can find your voice and discover what you want to say once you have acquired the confidence to do so."

Still Following the Trail of Breadcrumbs to Journal Your Way Back Home is an unusual audio book, as its entire text is on the two audio CDs that come with it.

Author and syndicated columnist Terry Marotta recommends listening to the inspirational stories, anecdotes, and insights on the CDs before reading their transcripts in the book. Though it does not have any blank lines for the listener or reader to practice journaling, it is designed specifically to inspire one to take a blank journal and jot down thoughts or express creativity in response to the notes of wisdom: "In everything I have just described you will find writing that does what many a journal entry ends up doing: It starts in one place in other words, then cartwheels to another by associations that are themselves connected step by step in the writer's mind.

An absorbing tool ideal for cultivating free-association writing and journaling skills. so."

Midwest Book Review

Dear Ms. Marotta,
I’m a psychologist who sees your work as very therapeutic, as it facilitates a wide-range of emotions which don't easily surface for people in daily life. As I listened to your book I realized that just hearing your voice, resonant and direct, was calming to me, and lead me forward in my own feelings. "Evocative" I think is the word. Even your great Boston accent is perfect, describing place and family as nothing else can! Thank you so much for it.

Rocco M.

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