The Trail of Breadcrumbs
Terry Marotta

Just Released from Ravenscroft Press!

“A great way to look at life around you and to sort out what is occurring within you at the same time. Inspirational.” - Bookviews

“An absorbing tool ideal for cultivating free-association writing and journaling skills” - the Midwest Review

Still Following the Trail of Breadcrumbs to Journal Your Way Back Home

by Terry Marotta

Ravenscroft is delighted to announce that the book we convinced author and syndicated columnist Terry Marotta to write is nearly ready!

The idea for Breadcrumbs came as a response to all the people who have written Terry over the years to ask how they can learn to do what she does every week in the paper, namely set down on paper something that has in it the sense of lived life. Like say a patch of sky and a bit of memory. The funny way that bird looked pulling the worm out of the ground and the nice exchange you had with the mailman. Something that acts as a fixative to experience and leaves a record, in other words.

This book will show anyone from age 9 to 99 how easy it really is to spin up the kind of short, first-person essay that anyone would want to hold onto forever. And because stories enter the heart most directly when they arrive through the ears, it comes with three CDs on which you will hear Terry’s own voice, so precisely captured by Eagle Rock Studios that you will think she is sitting beside you.

We all know that the best spur to telling a part of your story is to hear someone else tell a part of his. Hence, in each of the book’s 27 chapters, you will first read and listen to Terry recounting some tales of her own before coming to the actual writing ‘prompts’ – questions and suggestions to get you scribbling away like a happy Fourth Grader.

Between each story, a fresh musical interlude will allow you to begin traveling down your own long-forgotten paths into the realm of memory – and we mean that realm where not the smallest detail is forgotten, and the sparrow does not fall from the tree except that it is noticed and remembered. Because True Memory is like that: Permanent. Saved forever. Written on our hard drives. All that we ever saw and thought is still ‘down there’, resting at the bottom of the deep pool of Experience, waiting only for the waters to grow still enough to let us peer down and see it.

Throughout the book, instructions at the end of every chapter lead you onward. In the one titled ”What Do You Like?” for example, Terry describes six things she just plain loves, then invites you to do the same. In “Rules to Live By” she  tells what her chief guiding precepts are, then asks you to set down yours. ”The Wicked Elsewhere” gets you remembering back to the time you first heard the stunning news about Where Babies Come From. And the bittersweet “Take a Sad Song..” recounts a painful experience that is then transformed into something soaringly positive by one of the four inner-city boys who over time have become honorary sons to Terry and her family. And the list goes on…

Though most of her chapters will make you laugh in places, every one of them will also make you remember, and sometimes even wipe tears. In general they will help you get at your feelings as, chapter by chapter, you learn to tell your own story. And the more you do this, first on the messy pages of a notebook or even stray napkin, the easier it will become to do it anywhere and anytime, a progression that reflects the message underlying every single thing Terry writes. That message is? That we can - and must - relish our time here. That we can - and must - learn to communicate our truth to those beside us on the journey. In so doing we will forge a new kind of community, in a humane new world where connection and brotherhood are deeply sensed and no one need feel lonely again.

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