The Trail of Breadcrumbs
Terry Marotta

About the Author

It was 1980 when Terry Marotta began producing the weekly lifestyle column that today appears in papers from Maine to Florida.

Over the years she has written special pieces for many national magazines and has won her share of awards and honors too: from Parents Magazine, from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists and from her peers in the NASA-sponsored competition to send a journalist up in the Shuttle.

Ravenscroft Press has given the world several of Terry’s works and are delighted that this October will see the release of her latest, an audio book which comes with a 142-page transcript of everything she says on the CDs.

Still Following the Trail of Breadcrumbs teaches people how to begin the journaling habit and is designed to be listened to as well as read because stories that come in through the ear travel direct to the heart.

“This happened to me,” one person says, laying a hand upon our arm. “And this happened to me,” his listener instinctively responds. And when any two people reach this moment a sense of deep peace flows into both hearts, along with the belief that of course we can set down on paper what is real for us. Of course we can journal, because to journal is only to say what we saw, or heard or felt in our time here.

We are all given a unique and true voice at birth, says Terry, and this book simply reminds people of how to use it.

In personal terms besides writing and tending to her family Terry says she toils away at a cardio-health and weight-training regimen, rises early to scribble on a dozen legal pads and just recently finds herself thrilled to have been voted into the Old Cambridge Shakespeare Association, which has been meeting monthly since the 1880s for the dramatic readings, in their entirety, of the Bard’s many plays.

She lives with her husband David and several sweet elderly animals in the same tall-ceilinged old ship of a house where they raised a lively gang of young people, all grown and gone now, alas, having left behind only some closets-full of raggedy flannel shirts, a few cherished never-throw-these-out-Mom posters, and a truly uncountable number of semi-damaged CDs and cassette tapes.

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