The Trail of Breadcrumbs
Terry Marotta

Ravenscroft Announces

A Bit of Context about the new book by the author of Vacationing in My Driveway and I Thought He Was a Speed Bump and Other Excuses from Life in the Fast Lane.

Ravenscroft Press is delighted to announce the coming release of Terry Marotta’s latest work, a multi-media journaling “primer” that is in equal parts instructive and entertaining.

Still Following the Trail of Breadcrumbs to Journal Your Way Back Home is unique among books of its kind in that Terry’s readers begged her to write it. “How can I do what you do in the paper every week?” so many letters and emails to her have said over the years.

Her response, “Sit a while and let me tell me you some stories.”  Because Terry knows what the rest of us only sense: that a story heard prompts a story told.

“This happened to me,” one person says, laying a hand upon the other’s arm.  “And this happened to me,” his listener instinctively replies.  And whenever anyone reaches this moment with another person a sense of deep peace flows into both hearts, along with the belief that of course he can set down on paper what is real for us. Of course she can journal, because to journal is only to say what we saw, or heard or felt in our time here.

We are all given a unique and true voice, says Terry; this book simply shows us how to use it.

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