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WAMC, Northeast Public Radio

Terry does regular commentaries for New York’s WAMC, Northeast Public Radio.
Listen to this selection: A Funny Take on Therapy

Terry on National Public Radio's member station WFCR.
" Journaling" Interview
The Trail of Breadcrumbs

Listen to "Journaling"

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Separating isn't easy at any season.
Here's Terry on National Public Radio's member station WFCR.

Listen to "Boys and Their Moms"

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One of Terry's commentaries for 1430 WNAV Radio
WNAV's Bill Lusby talked to Terry about her work with Operation Paperback in April.

More about Operation Paperback from Terry. Read

Chrissy and Andrea of Operation Paperback need have this important message for all who would like to help:

“We have lots of new volunteers and lots of books, but not so many troop addresses. 
What we really need is to get the word out to people so that they will add their loved ones to our mailing list. We have capacity to serve hundreds upon hundreds of individuals. We have volunteers who have been willing to drop books at their local National Guard units in case people are concerned about having to mail the books themselves.”

Listen to "Operation Paperback"

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One of Terry's commentaries for WFCR,
Public Radio for Western New England 88.5 FM

Listen to "Valentines - Greeting Cards"

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