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James H. Smith, Executive Editor, The Record-Journal, Meriden, Connecticut
("who has been publishing Terry Marotta since 1984"):

Yogi Berra once said ‘You can observe a lot by watching.’ Terry Marotta is an expert at it. Then she paints with words what she has seen and what she has heard and what she thinks about it all. Terry is a careful writer, she chooses words with care and so her columns ring with truth and wit.

Michael McGuire, Associate Publisher, Courier Publications, Rockland, ME:
Terry Marotta's weekly column achieves what I need in my newspapers; it connects with readers. Her slices of life are slices of everyone's lives. She achieves the "local" connection I need even though she's an "outta stata" because readers see a reflection of themselves in her writing. If you want to find out how popular Terry will become with your readers, run her for six months and then stop for a month or two (if you dare). I made that mistake once; I won't do it again!

John B. Murphy, Sunday Editor, the Brockton (MA) Enterprise
Terry's column is an anchor on our Lifestyle cover. Amid never-ending stories of extraordinary events from around the world, Terry shows readers every week that there's just as much fascination, if not more, to be found in chronicling the everyday lives of ordinary people.

Executive Editor for a small daily in the Greater Philadelphia area:
Terry's column is intimately personal but brings with it a feeling of familiarity to which many readers can relate. It's sometimes touching, often introspective and we find it's well suited to the weekend, when many readers have a few extra minutes to ponder and contemplate her words, thoughts and deeds.

Jaime Ferris, Editor Housatonic Publications* (7 dailies & weeklies in CT):
Chock full of wit and wisdom, Terry Marotta writes with warmth and charm, conversing with her audience, reflecting on both the seasonal changes we see each year, and the seasonal changes of life. Her anecdotes embrace family and the daily dealings most of us neglect to notice. Each week she welcomes our readership of 10,000 into her life with the wit and intimacy of a close friend.

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