This Week's Column
by Terry Marotta
'Free'- Can End Up Costing- March 10, to March 16, 2015

Wear and Tear- January 20, to January 26, 2015

Hope Springs Eternal- January 6, to January 11, 2015

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Readers of Terry's Column React

Dear Terry: How I wish I knew you! Your fine piece in this morning’s paper strikes home. You are in the big leagues when you remind us of E.B. White and William Strunk. Your handling of Lincoln’s address is beautiful. Thanks for your gift, Terry. I enjoy all your columns.

Terry: After gleaning pleasure from yet another one of your articles, I felt compelled to write. Your writing style is such a refreshing change. Just wanted to let you know that you are making quite a difference. Looking forward to more - and thanks!

Dear Terry: I have thoroughly enjoyed your column but today’s propelled me toward this bit of fan-mail. Thanks for a piece of writing that has lifted my heart and reminded me that God is in the details.

Dear Terry: I did love your column about death yesterday. I cut out the ones which touch me specially, and send them to a friend in California. I wonder how many other people are lighted up as I am by them. Thanks, and don't stop!

Terry: Do me a favor: Tell your parents for me they did one heck of a job. You are such a gift to this old world. I thank you for sharing so much through the written word, for truly, you have touched me, deeply and often.

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