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Terry Marotta

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Why This Book? (from Terry)
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Why This Book - A Note from Terry Marotta

All my life I have felt the urge to entertain people, starting at the family supper table when I was six and would recite at lightning speed the entire 'Up-in-the-air-it's a bird-it's-a-plane-it's Superman' prologue. In my family, a person was just expected to be entertaining and later on, as a fledgling high school teacher, I realized it was a good thing to have learned early, since if you don't keep things lively you risk seeing the kids sink into sleepy torpor.

As it turned out, I loved the classroom more than I ever could have predicted. All these years later I still can't believe I left it for keeps when those first babies came.

But leave it I did and spent the next three years becalmed in the sweet nursery world - until the day in 1980 when I opened my high school yearbook and saw again my 12th Grade English teacher's inscription: “I hope you WILL write,” she had penned in her fine spidery hand.

It was that classic forehead-smacking moment when you remember a thing long forgotten and finally SEE the pattern weaving itself into your life. Suddenly I could tie a direct line from my stand-up act as a first grader to the love of language instilled in my childhood home so rich in old folks to the realization of how wonderful I felt in those teaching moments when the kids began engaging in true and earnest talk.

That very morning I sat down and wrote the first installment of the weekly column that now appears in papers all over the country.

In my mind the very best thing we can do on any given day is notice we're alive in it. That's what the stories in this little collection are for. Some of them are funny and some serious. All of them remind us that we are sensitive creatures, tied to the earth and mindful of the sky, all here together, awake and blinking in the light.

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