All Beautiful, a Journey Through the Year – Public Radio
52 Public Radio Selections
Terry Marotta

Table of Contents
A Note from Terry

Why This Book? (from Terry)
Terry (On All 5 of Her Titles)


Reaction from All Over

“You write like a dream - even if you are a little fresh with your hairdresser!”
John Updike

“Marotta's words pop out at you like those 3-D castles in a child's book.”
The Palm Beach Post

“Terry is sweet, funny and generous to her readers. She dances from subject to subject with humor, insight and above all, a deep well of hope.”
The Denver Post

“A delightful valentine to dispel the humdrum quality of everyday life. Her observations are rife with gentle wit and an enviable wisdom.”
The Boston Globe

“Some of the best descriptive writing that I can remember since falling in love with the short stories of Katherine Mansfield. “
The Greenfield Recorder

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