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52 Public Radio Selections
Terry Marotta

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Terry (On All 5 of Her Titles)


Terry (On All 5 of Her Titles)

I Thought He Was a Speed Bump and Other Excuses From Life in the Fast Lane is a collection of read-'em-in-any-order accounts of life with small children. Filled with funny and tender stories about how little kids see and hear things (“Our Father, a Rotten Heaven” being just one example) it offers countless madcap exploding-blender-style tales, some wry takes on the tug-of-war that is marriage, and a handful of more serious musings about the one or two truths we finally come to grasp along the way.

An anthology of personal reminiscences, The Mountains I Raise is a collection of pieces written by ten 'elders' in a three-year writing course I taught at our local Senior Center. The Frost poem that gives it its name describes the task of raking leaves. “Next to nothing for use, and since they grow duller from contact with earth next to nothing for color” he says the leaves are, and many of the contributors to this book began by thinking their experiences were next to nothing too - until slowly, their willingness to bar the door on reticence made them know otherwise.

Vacationing in My Driveway offers a fat bouquet of true-life tales, one for each week of the year. Its title comes from that moment when, at day's end, we pull up at last outside our house, turn off the car and decide to just sit a minute and look around - at the birds, and trees, and clouds. Because it is at times like these that we realize the great truth that we can't set out to find the peaceful, vacation-like moments in life; rather, we must let them find us, as they will surely do if we can but pause a while.

Still Following the Trail of Breadcrumbs marks my move to audio books. The idea for it came in response to all letters I receive saying the same thing: “How can I learn to do what you do in the paper each week?” With its accompanying printed manual, this warm anecdotal 'listen' serves up dozens of funny and poignant topics, along with many sentence stems and starter phrases to help would-be journal-keepers set down their own tales - and in the process learn to remain alive to each day's many possibilities.

Finally, All Beautiful the March of Days, marks the seasons as I have celebrated them in 52 of the hundreds of commentaries I have done for Public Radio over the past 20 years. Ranging in subject from the tolling of the school bell to the dawn of spring, from the crucible of college application to the wild rumpus we call The Holidays, it catalogs our common journey through the year in a spirit of both fun and reverence.

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