About Terry Marotta

For more than a quarter of a century, Massachusetts-based author Terry Marotta has been producing a weekly column that today appears in papers all over the country.

Her preparation for this great life began at a convent school in the Roxbury area of Boston, then continued 20 miles to the north in the Lowell pubic schools. Immediately after graduating from Smith College 100 miles to the west she came back to the salt air to begin a seven-year stint as a high school teacher in the city of Somerville where she was so affected by the clear-eyed candor of the teens she interacted with she decided then and there to remain involved with young people forever. Accordingly she still functions as Youth Group leader in her church, surrogate mom to four Alumni Scholars from the National Program for a Better Chance, and someone who is happy to help anyone, anyone at all who is struggling to turn out a decent paper.

In the 1986 peer-judged, NASA-sponsored Journalist in Space initiative she was chosen as one of 40 Finalists from a pool of thousands and though Challenger’s tragic loss caused that competition to be  suspended, she still sees considers herself to be “in training” for the job. Her helmet is packed.

Besides looking forward to the August release of her latest effort, a multi-media book that teaches people how-to journal, she has also written pieces for many nationally known publications,  has a chapter in the book Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul and through Ravenscroft Press has helped give the world two collections of reader-favorite columns, I Thought He Was a Speed Bump and Vacationing in My Driveway;  and also The Mountains I Raise, an anthology of short pieces by ten dedicated individuals who did a three-year writing course with her at an area Senior Center.

She does regular commentaries for Public Radio, and has had the honor of being named both one of the Girls Scouts’ Leading Women and one of Smith College’sAlumnae in Residence, in both cases greatly enjoying the time spent with people close in age to those long-ago high school kids who first taught her what it meant to have a calling in life.

She and her husband David live just north of Boston where they enjoy frequent drop-ins from their many children. She believes in the transformative powers of love, in eavesdropping with the intention of catching people at their best, and in tapping into the great font of collective wisdom that resides in the common people.

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